11mm aluminum tent pole

 News     |      2020-12-31 14:43
11mm aluminum tent pole , used for medium and high-end tents, the common aluminum tent pole is 7075, using T6 series aluminum. Through repeated research on aluminum alloys, 7000 series aluminum materials have been produced, which are lighter than ordinary aluminum materials, and have greatly increased strength and flexibility. The wind resistance of the 7075 T6 11mm aluminum tent pole  is not only related to the texture diameter of the pole, but also related to the number of sets of poles. Generally speaking, the more sets of poles, the better the windproof performance. For example, a tent with 2 sets of ordinary aluminum poles can withstand strong winds of about 7-8. The wind resistance of the 3 sets of aluminum poles is about 9 levels. The tents using 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in a blizzard environment of level 11 or so. (Note that the windproof performance of the tent is relative, it is related to the support method, geographical environment, wind direction, snow, outdoor experience of the user, etc. The windproof level given here is only a reference value provided based on daily use experience) . Generally, the aluminum rod is equipped with a fracture joint, which can be used in the fracture and directly repaired.

11mm aluminum tent pole is relatively light, with good resilience, sufficient support, good durability, and easy to repair. Aluminum brackets are not easily affected even at low temperatures, but aluminum brackets are more expensive .