6061 6063 aluminum pole for photography tripos

 News     |      2021-04-16 17:34
Skill shooting is often inseparable from the help of the aluminum pole of the 6061 6063 camera tripod, such as night scene shooting, macro photography and so on. The main function of the tripod is to stabilize the camera to achieve certain photographic effects. Using a tripod, if the user wants to take night scenes or pictures with surging tracks, the exposure time needs to be increased. At this time, the digital camera cannot be aligned, and the help of a tripod is needed. The most common material is aluminum pole of the 6061 6063 camera tripod. Frame, aluminum alloy tripod has the advantages of light weight and sturdiness. People are very valuable to the weight of the tripod, I hope it can be as light as possible.

The first element of the 6061 6063 aluminum pole used for photography tripods is stability. If the tripod is too light or the connection parts such as the buckle are not made well, it will cause the overall frame to loosen. This is not the role of stabilizing the camera. However, the weight of the current digital camera is generally within 400g, so the carrying capacity of the tripod The weight is mainly in terms of the lens.