6061 6063 aluminum tent poles

 News     |      2020-11-06 17:42
In recent years, 6061 6063 aluminum tent poles have maintained their strength, and engineers have found ways to reduce weight by reducing the diameter and thickness of the walls. Chalco aluminum uses a "green anodizing" process on our aluminum tent poles, which make the supports stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Chalco aluminum anodizing eliminates the polishing stage that required the use of phosphoric and nitric acids that are toxic to the box.

A small amount of manesium is also used in the 7000 series poles, creating a strong, bend-resistant, high-grade lightweight aluminum commonly used in aircraft. 7000 series aluminum tent poles will bend further than 6000 series poles(of the same diameter) before they bend or break.
All our 6061 6063 aluminum tent poles are made with hard structural aluminum, which is anodized to protect it from harsh and salty environment. The lack of blackening of canvas products or hands means that it is ideal for use in camper and caravan trailers or under tarpaulins. All plastic fittings are UV-treated to last longer in the sun, and the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel for a longer service life. Spigot pins are made of high-tensile 8mm stainless steel for superior strength. The poles are ideal for a camper with a conscious weight.
6061 6063 aluminum tent pole, which is one type of tent pole, also called aluminum tapered pole. Our aluminum tarpaulin poles are heavy-duty, with various sizes to meet your needs in setting up your camping.