6061 aluminum ski trekking poles

 News     |      2020-08-28 17:56
The staff of the 6061 aluminum ski trekking poles is the main structure of the staff, and the material is the first factor to be considered
6061 aluminum ski trekking poles  because of the weight and strength requirements, not too heavy and strong, so commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy
Aluminum alloy rod price is the cheapest, generally used 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloy, 7075 aluminum alloy high strength, far better than mild steel, good corrosion resistance, is aerospace grade material
The main advantage of carbon fiber alpenstock is its light weight, which is generally about 50g lighter than aluminum alloy alpenstock. Although 50g does not sound much, there is still a difference in hand feeling, especially when you are tired of climbing, so light equipment is indeed the pursuit of enthusiasts

6061 aluminum ski trekking poles using aluminum alloy, ski pole can be used 7075 aluminum alloy extrusion, aluminum alloy ski pole in the cold environment, corrosion and rust prevention excellent performance appears, aluminum alloy on the surface of the formation of a layer of oxide film, very good protection of the 6061 aluminum trekking poles, so aluminum alloy ski pole use time will be longer.7075 aluminum plate is high-end aviation aluminum with high added value. It is a kind of super hard aluminum, and the main alloy element contains zinc element.7075 alloy aluminum plate has high strength and hardness, far better than mild steel.Typical applications include golf balls, molds, aircraft landing gear, etc