7000 Series Aluminium Alloy Tent Pole

 News     |      2020-10-30 17:38
High weather resistance anti scratch anticorrosion and good weather resistance subtle edges and elegant appearance and easy processing and installation high brightness and hardness. So it is widely used in aluminum window, door, curtain wall, hand railing, normal aluminum profile, decorative and industrial aluminum profile etc.

7000 Series Aluminium Alloy Tent Pole are in light weight, high strength, good elestic and easy to do customized anodizing. So it is widely used as tent poles.
7000 Series Aluminium Alloy Tent Pole
2.Thickness 0.72mm
3.Unit weight:0.26kg
4.Per section length :41cm
5.Total length:4 M
6.Total sections:11 sections
7.Application:beach tent, caping tent, backpacking ten
7000 Series Aluminium Alloy Tent Pole application: 1. Lighting,solar reflector plate.
2.architectural appearance, interior decoration:ceiling,metope,
furniture,cabinets and so on.
3.elevator,nameplate, bags.
4.automotive interior and exterior decoration.
5. Interior decoration: such as photo frame.
6.household appliances, refrigerator, microwave oven, 
audio equipment.
7. Aerospace and military aspects.
8, machinery parts processing, mold manufacturing .
9. chemical/insulation pipeline coating.