7001/7075 aluminum ski trekking poles

 News     |      2020-04-17 15:40
The strut material
Aluminum alloy, strong, light, cheap.Most manufacturers use this material.
Carbon alloy, as strong as aluminum, but lighter, but more expensive.
Titanium alloys, which are lighter and stronger than aluminum and carbon alloys, are more expensive.Many manufacturers now mix titanium and aluminum alloys, which are cheaper than titanium alone, but much stronger and more ductile.The diameters of carbon and titanium alloys are small and feel light, and you can swing them quickly when using them, making it easy to put the tip in place.

The handle
It is usually made of rubber, cork, plastic and foam
Handle material
The handle material should be easy for you to handle.7001/7075 aluminum ski trekking poles with cork and styrofoam handles is usually the best choice for people with sweaty palms or who hike in rainy weather, because these materials provide good friction even when wet.The handle is made of rubber, which makes it slippery, but it feels good.Handles made of plastic and wood are usually slippery and don't feel particularly good, but they are durable and strong.