7001 T6 Replacement tent poles

 News     |      2019-12-27 17:50
The supporting structure of the tent is the key to withstand the outdoor wind and rain.The advantages and disadvantages of the tent pole related to the tent stand, break or collapse performance, but also affect outdoor comfort and safety factors.
The tent will fall down if the poles fail,Its structure and quality are the key to ensuring safety and comfort at night.

Most camping tents use aluminum poles, or even lighter aluminum.The ductility of aluminum is good, and it can be bent, not easily broken, and has good resistance to wind.However, aluminum rod variety, different manufacturers work, mixed, poor quality aluminum rod easy to deform, broken.
And the 7001 T6 Replacement tent poles produced by Henan Chalco Aluminum, high strength, good toughness, not easy to buckle or collision.Durable!With the highest quality 7001 series aviation grade aluminum and durable elastic rope, the rod is better than many cheap struts, with high quality elasticity and will not break easily.Each rod segment is carefully treated to ensure smooth connections between the rods for truly quick installation/removal.
We have developed these 7001 T6 Replacement tent poles that allow you to easily disassemble or add parts to suit your DIY style.7001 T6 Replacement tent poles, easy to install, quick to install, easy to disassemble, prolong service life.With our lightweight aluminum poles, you can also discard the heavy fiberglass poles and transform the old tent into a lightweight outdoor companion.