7001 aluminum ski trekking poles

 News     |      2020-09-25 15:51
7001 aluminum ski trekking poles generally comes in two materials. The first is made of aluminum, which usually weighs between 500 and 650 grams.Depending on the size of the pole, the actual weight may vary.Aluminum rod is characterized by high strength, high stability, durability, under high stress, aluminum can bend, not easy to break, is the first choice of high cost performance.Aluminum alloy is roughly divided into ordinary 6 series aluminum and aviation 7 series aluminum, the former is cheap, general quality, is the lowest end of a rod.Then there are 7 series aluminum, that is, aeronautical aluminum. The aluminum used to make the rod is divided into 7001 aluminum and 7075 aluminum. The two have different bias in performance.7075 has the advantages of toughness and corrosion resistance while ensuring high strength. Since both are 7 series aluminum, there is not much difference in the process of use.But in general, the quality of 7 series aluminum is significantly better than 6 series aluminum

In addition to aluminum alloy, most of the 7001 aluminum ski trekking poles is made of carbon fiber, which is characterized by high strength, high bearing capacity and light weight. The weight of a pair of carbon rods is about 350g to 500g, which is much lighter than the aluminum rod. I believe those old donkeys who pursue lightweight have experienced it.Compared with aluminum alloy, carbon fiber is more complex in composition, and there are many categories.There are high-modulus carbon fiber, pure carbon fiber, composite carbon fiber and so on. Generally speaking, the quality with high carbon content is better.Carbon fiber also has a drawback: it's fragile.High hardness of carbon fiber does not mean high strength, but because the force deformation is less, leading to more vulnerable to damage.