7005 aluminum pipe for vehicle truss

 News     |      2020-12-02 17:32
The strength of 7005 aluminum pipe is higher than that of 7003 aluminum pipe, which has good welding performance and can be strengthened by heat treatment. 7005 aluminum alloy extrusion pipe material is often used to manufacture welded structures with high strength and high fracture toughness, such as truss, rod and container of transportation vehicles, large heat exchanger, and parts that can not be treated by solid fusion after welding, and can also be used to manufacture sports equipment such as tennis racket and softball bat.

7005 aluminum pipe for vehicle truss
The materials commonly used in aluminum vehicle truss are 7005 and 6061.
2.The 7000 series mainly uses zinc as the main alloy, and the composition proportion reaches 6%. Magnesium and silicon are the main alloys of 6000 series, and the proportion of total composition is low.
3. In terms of strength, 7005 aluminum pipe for vehicle truss is stronger, but only slightly stronger. It can be seen from the table that yield strength is only a little stronger than 6061.
4. All 7005 aluminum pipe for vehicle truss materials are heat treated T6
5. But on the whole, 6061 is a better material. Due to the high proportion of other metals in 7005, it is difficult to weld and process, especially 7075 (the last two numbers represent the proportion of alloy contained). Therefore, it can not be used as frame material. In contrast, 6061 has a low proportion of other metals, so it can increase its strength and reduce its wind resistance through various treatments, and even reduce its weight by three times of pipe drawing.