7075 T6 Aluminum Tube for Ski Poles

 News     |      2020-11-28 08:58
Skiing is a combination of tourism, leisure and sports. It involves a variety of industries. It can be said that any kind of equipment and appliances in the ski resort is an industry, such as skateboards, ski suits, cable cars, snow machines, Snow machines, even glasses, hats, etc., everything will drive the development of related industries. Skiing has driven the development of the aluminum processing industry.

The 7075 T6 Aluminum Tube for Ski Poles produced by Henan Signi Aluminum are made of aluminum alloy. The Aluminum ski poles can be extruded with 7075 aluminum bar. The excellent performance of anti-corrosion and rust prevention of aluminum alloy ski poles appears in the cold environment. The aluminum alloy forms on the surface. A layer of oxide film protects the ski poles well, so the aluminum alloy ski poles will last longer.
7075 aluminum ski poles is a high-end aviation aluminum with high added value, which belongs to a kind of super hard aluminum, and the main alloy element contains zinc. 7075 T6 Aluminum Tube for Ski Poles has the characteristics of high strength and high hardness, far better than mild steel. Typical applications such as golf balls, molds, aircraft landing gear, etc.