7075 T6 black aluminum tent pole

 News     |      2021-01-13 17:33
7075 T6 black aluminum tent pole , which is lighter than fiberglass pole, has better toughness, high elasticity, and is not easy to break. Maybe for the tent, maybe you can tolerate everything. If the water leaks for a while, the damage will be blocked. , And the most unbearable thing is probably something happened to the support material, and the colors of the poles are all anodized.

 7075 T6 black aluminum tent pole, aluminum alloy pole with a diameter of 8.5mm and a wall thickness of 0.7mm. It is lightweight and resistant to folding. It makes the tent as stable as Mount Tai. It is one of the best materials available on the market, far superior to the common glass fiber  
7075 T6 black aluminum tent pole material embodies better toughness and elasticity, and is easy to deform and break. At the same time, this aluminum alloy material is mostly used in military-grade tents, so it has better resistance and durability when supported and fixed. Load-bearing, enough to resist storms or blizzards,