7075 alloy aluminum ski trekking poles

 News     |      2020-07-31 18:09
The 7075 alloy aluminum ski trekking poles is the main structure of the alpenstock, and the material is the first factor to be considered
Alpenstock because of the weight and strength requirements, not too heavy and strong, so commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy
Four materials from the appearance is difficult to distinguish, especially the picture, feel easy to judge some, now is the summer, the aluminum alloy to feel the most obvious metal, there is a cool feeling, followed by titanium alloy;Carbon fiber feels a little plastic and has a normal temperature. Pure carbon fiber feels the least metallic and doesn't sound as crisp as metal when it is tapped.

aluminum trekking poles

7075 alloy aluminum ski trekking poles price is the cheapest, generally used 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloy, 7075 aluminum alloy high strength, far better than mild steel, corrosion resistance is good, aerospace grade material
The main advantage of carbon fiber alpenstock is its light weight, which is generally about 50g lighter than aluminum alloy alpenstock. Although 50g does not sound much, there is still a difference in hand feeling, especially when you are tired of climbing, so light equipment is indeed the pursuit of enthusiasts
However, the general strength of carbon fiber rod is not the best, especially the lack of transverse stress strength, such as rod accident, easy to break from the side, the choice to balance the strength and weight