7075 aluminum alloy ski pole

 News     |      2020-08-14 15:56
The biggest feature of this 7075 aluminum alloy ski pole is that it can be folded.
 The total length after folding is 35 cm.
Very portable. Just occupy your tiny space in your backpack.
This is definitely a big advantage in outdoor life.
The main material of the  7075 aluminum alloy ski pole high quality aluminum alloy, which can effectively support your weight.
The handle material is EVA foam. Even sweating at the hands it still can keep the handle dry and increase friction.
The function of the wristband is to enhance the connection between the hand and the stick, and it is not easy to get rid of it.
Expansive bolt can be usd to Tighten the joint after it is stuck to Enhance the robustness.
High elastic link rope is installed inside each section place for easy storage.
You can customize printing logo on it.
The use of  7075 aluminum alloy ski pole must be professional to extend the service life.
Among them, snow block, Anti-skid sleeve and steel tip can be used in different situations.
Stop signs need strict attention.
During the production process, we will have quality inspectors to check the quality of production from the purchase of materials to the inspection before leaving the factory.
Every process is carefully polished.
The management of factories and the quality of workers are one of the main points of our work.