8.5mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 7001 7075 T6 aluminum tent pole

 News     |      2021-10-20 17:54
8.5mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 7001 T6 aluminum tent pole is American deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy. 7001 aluminum alloy extrusion material is often used to manufacture welded structures that require both high strength and high fracture toughness. 8.5mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 7075 T6 aluminum tent pole aluminum alloy has high strength, far better than mild steel, and is resistant to It is corrosive and is aerospace grade material. 7075 aluminium trekking poles belong to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series of super-duralumin, which has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, easy color film, and excellent oxidation effect.
7001 7075 T6 aluminum tent pole
8.5mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 7001 7075 T6 aluminum tent pole is one of the best materials currently available on the market. It is far superior to the common glass fiber pole material, which embodies better toughness and elasticity, and is easy to deform and break. Excellent performance, and this aluminum alloy material is mostly used in military-grade tents, so it has better resistance and load-bearing capacity under the condition of supporting and fixing, and it can resist storms or blizzards.