Adjustable aluminum tent pole

 News     |      2020-04-03 17:16
The Adjustable aluminum tent pole are mainly divided into fiber poles, carbon fiber poles and aluminum and gold poles, high-end products and titanium alloy rods
1. Glass fiber, not as durable, easy to break and heavy
2. Aluminum rod is aluminum alloy, not easy to break, light weight, durable, good toughness.Exquisite workmanship, smooth appearance, compact interface, paint bright not easy to fall off, texture, and in each section of the rod head will be engraved with brand words, light texture, high elasticity, generally 4 meters long 8MM aluminum rod can be set into a circle and constantly!And in a long time after several days of bending release can bounce straight!
The number of 3 is also very critical, generally speaking, the more the more stable, wind resistance and snow resistance performance is higher, so the general mountain account will choose to use 5 or more to support!!
4 glass pole is not conductive, Adjustable aluminum tent pole conductive. But when the weather, lightning strikes in the glass pole tent and aluminum pole tent, can cause harm, aluminum pole tent will actually be less.
5. After the aluminum rod is broken, the fracture is the section, if you bring the curtain rod repair cover, you can immediately repair temporary use.When the fiberglass pole breaks, it is cut like bamboo and is no longer usable.
 Adjustable aluminum tent pole
Specification Aluminium Alloy: 6063, 6060, 6061, 6005, 7005
State T3-T8
Length 4-6 M or customized length
Product characteristic High corrosion resistance, high weather resistance and good
 wear resistance.
Surface treatment Mill Finish, Anodizing, Powder Coating, Polish Anodizing,
 Electrophoresis,wooden finish
We have plentiful colors upon your needs. 
Normal Anodizing thickness 8-25 micro
Normal powder coating thickness 60-120 micro
Tensile strength ≥ 16 mpa
Yield strength ≥ 110 mpa
Extensibility ≥ 8%
Hardness(HW) ≥ 8
Packing Plastic film on each profile, Pack into bundles with Kraft paper,
 or Shrink film
We can also satisfy different clients' demand in packing and 
container loading.