Advantages of aluminum alloy tent pole

 News     |      2022-03-18 17:14
Aluminum alloy tent pole is very good in terms of weight, toughness and pressure.

Specifications of aluminum alloy tent pole produced by Henan Chalco:

Alloy/temper: 6061 T6, 7001-T6, 7075 T6.
Size: φ8.5mm /φ11mm
Among them, the 7001 material aluminum alloy is the most used, because 7001 is the toughness and hardness of the aluminum alloy, and the combination is relatively good. Even if it is under heavy pressure, it will deform but not easily break.
Aluminum alloy tent pole surface treatment: anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating and other bright colors.

aluminum alloy tent pole

Aluminum alloy tent pole has excellent toughness, long service life, light weight, and folding resistance, making the tent as stable as Mount Tai. It is one of the best materials currently on the market. It is elastic, and has excellent deformation and breaking properties. At the same time, this aluminum alloy material is mostly used by military-grade tents, so it has better resistance and load-bearing capacity when the support is fixed, which is enough to resist storms or blizzards. weather,