Aluminium tent support rods

 News     |      2021-07-29 16:58
The tensile strength of Aluminium tent support rods is above 600mpa, the yield strength is above 540mpa, and the hardness is above 19. Light weight, easy to carry after folding.

The biggest feature of Aluminium tent support rods is that they will not rust. The gold tent can be customized with different specifications of aluminum alloy tents, which are light and easy to carry, and heavy and strong. It is not easy to break, light weight, durable and good toughness.
Commonly used are 7075 -T6 Aluminium tent support rods, 7001-T6 Aluminium tent support rods, 7178-T6 Aluminium tent support rods, of which 7001 and 7075 are the most used aluminum alloys, because 7001 is the toughness and hardness of aluminum alloy. It’s pretty good, even if it’s under heavy pressure, it will deform but won’t break easily