Aluminum Camping Flexible Tent Poles

 News     |      2019-11-29 17:56
The supporting structure of the tent is the key to withstand the outdoor wind and rain, and its core is the tent pole. The quality of the tent pole is related to the performance of the tent, such as standing, breaking or collapse, and it is also a factor affecting outdoor comfort and safety. Most camping tents use aluminium tent poles or lighter aluminium alloys. Aluminum has good ductility, flexibility, not easy to break and good wind resistance. However, there are many kinds of aluminium tent poles. Low-quality aluminium poles are easy to deform and break.

The Aluminum Camping Flexible Tent Poles Accessories produced by Chalco Aluminum is the first choice for many outdoor manufacturers to make tent poles, among which 7001 emphasizes high flexibility and 7075 emphasizes rigidity and hardness.
Chalco Aluminum specializing in the production of Aluminum Camping Flexible Tent Poles  professional factory, mainly engaged in the production and sales of aluminum tent poles tubes, tent aluminium floor stakes nail, outdoor backpack aluminium backpack system, is the largest and most complete tent aluminium floor stakes factory in China. It is the most complete production plant of aluminum parts for tents in China. It has many extruders, thermal furnaces and stamping equipment for aluminum materials. Its main products are tent supporting aluminum poles tubes 7001-T6 and 7075-T9, which are supported by many world famous brands, such as SALEWA, NOME and so on. It is also widely known in national brands, such as Acme, Kellerstone, Pathfinder, and Aluminum Camping Flexible Tent Poles in all directions. Figure. The main performances of the products pass SGS, Tianxiang, TTR, European Union chemical testing standards. Chalco Aluminum's Aluminum Camping Flexible Tent Poles is by far the largest and most complete production line in China.