Aluminum arrow tube 7075 7178 T6

 News     |      2021-04-02 16:39
Aluminum arrow tube uses aviation aluminum alloy 7075 Aluminum arrow tube or 7178 Aluminum arrow tube . The arrow shaft is drawn and heat-treated. The yield strength of 7075 is 90000 psi, and the yield strength of 7178 is 10900 psi. In terms of hardness, 7178 is about 5% higher than 7075, and its elongation is higher. 7075 is slightly larger than 7178. The advantage of this type of aluminum arrow is that the internal stress on the surface of the shaft is evenly distributed. In terms of bending/strength, straightness, and weight, the consistency has always been higher than that of carbon arrows. The processing cost is Lower than carbon/carbon aluminum arrows. As far as the degree of damage resistance is concerned, it is generally not easy to bend or damage on wood of general strength. It can be repaired even if it is damaged.

The cheaper Aluminum arrow tube material and workmanship are better, using 6XXX or 700X series aluminum alloys, the cost is lower than 7075/7178 Aluminum arrow tube , the yield strength is mostly below 60,000 psi, the strength is lower than 7075 and 7178, and the specific gravity is relatively low. Larger, more commonly used one-time pultrusion molding in the industry, the cost is lower, but the internal stress distribution is uneven, the quality of bending/strength, straightness, and weight is still passable when it leaves the factory, and it can be used for a period of time. Internal stress will cause bending/strength, and straightness will change. Affect the accuracy. This type of aluminum arrow tube is easy to bend when hitting wood of normal strength. Repairable but not recoverable