Aluminum climbing pole

 News     |      2022-04-01 15:41
Aluminum climbing pole is a portable outdoor exercise tool, and the interior is hollow, so it has enough strength while having low weight. The properties of common materials for trekking poles are obtained by consulting the information, as shown below. Aluminum alloy: density is 2.7g/cm3, with good strength and hardness; tungsten steel: density is 12g/cm3, with high wear resistance; titanium alloy: density is 4.5g/cm3, and the strength is slightly higher than that of aluminum alloy; common Steel: lower density; less strong and harder. By comparison, the pole is made of aluminum alloy material, which not only meets the requirements of low weight but also meets the requirements of strength; considering that the tip of the pole needs to be in constant contact with the ground, the tungsten steel material is used for the trekking pole to ensure wear resistance.

The pole of the Aluminum climbing pole is divided into three sections, and the whole pole is hollow. The first section is the tip of the pole, and a spring is installed inside the tip of the pole, and the spring is connected to the rack in the internal power generation device of the second section; the third section is equipped with a gain antenna, an LED light and a USB interface device, and the switch of the LED light is installed At the handle, the gain antenna, LED light and USB interface are connected to the battery located in the second section through wires; the second section of the pole is the most important part of the whole trekking pole, and the micro-generator, rectifier filter transformer and The battery and the generator provide electricity for the entire device to maintain the normal operation of each device.