Aluminum lipstick tube

 News     |      2021-02-03 17:36
Lipstick has the effect of increasing facial beauty and correcting the contours of lips,aluminum lipstick tube is a kind of packaging tube used to store lipstick paste. For the sake of beauty, the outer surface of the lipstick tube can be designed with different patterns and different colors. The lipstick tube is made of aluminum plate. How much is the price of aluminum plate for aluminum alloy lipstick tube?

Aluminum lipstick tubes are mostly made of aluminum shells, which are widely used because of their light weight, high hardness and strong plasticity. Aluminum lipstick tubes are processed and produced with 8021 aluminum foil, which has good stamping performance. The lipstick tube uses 8021 aluminum foil and its aluminum raw materials are cut and stamped. The lipstick tube is formed, cut, punched and polished.
Aluminum lipstick tube price
How much is the aluminum lipstick tube price?
This is related to the specific alloy price. Different users have different requirements for the required materials and the prices are different. 8021 aluminum foil is only one of many alloys. The aluminum plate for lipstick tube can also be 1060 aluminum plate or 8011 aluminum foil. For other products, the selected alloy number is different, and the price quoted is also different.
CHALCO ALUMINUM is a large-scale lipstick tube aluminum material manufacturer. It produces a wide range of alloys and has a wide range of uses. For 8021 aluminum foil, it is not only used for lipstick tubes, but also in medical packaging, container foils, and aluminum-plastic film soft packs.