Aluminum ski poles tubing manufacturer

 News     |      2019-10-31 14:18
Aluminum ski poles are used to support us to advance, control the balance, guide the change of direction and support our body when we ski. In addition to ski jumping, aerial skiing and snowboarding, ski poles are used in other projects, which is an essential tool for skiers to control the center of gravity.

And Henan Chalco is an aluminum ski pole manufacturer, and he also puts forward some knowledge about ski poles, which are described by aluminum ski pole manufacturers, such as ski poles used to support and balance the body when lifting and sliding. Choose the length of the stick suitable for your height as the principle, generally calculated from the snow wheel, the longest shoulder, the shortest not less than the rib. People who can go through leather bracelets and weigh their hands with sticks are the best. The length of cross-country ski poles is about 85% of the user's height. The length of alpine ski stick is about 65% of the height of sound body. During the skiing process, the user holds a snow stick to support, push, brake, bend and other forms of sports, and maintains balance to ensure safety. When we choose, we should be light, hard to break, good balance, suitable for our height as the principle.