Aluminum telescopic tent pole

 News     |      2021-01-05 18:12
At present, most of the poles are made of aluminum alloy, and there are also poles made of glass fiber and carbon fiber. We strongly recommend that only aluminum telescopic tent poles are considered, because apart from the price, poles made of other materials have basically no advantages. For outdoor tents, there are more factors to consider.
Common ones are 7075 -T6, 7001-T6, 7178-T6 aluminum telescopic tent pole.Among them, 7001 and 7075 are the most used aluminum alloys. Because 7001 aluminum telescopic tent pole is the toughness and hardness of aluminum alloy, it is relatively good in combination. Even if it is pressed, it will deform but will not break easily.
In most cases, aluminum telescopic tent poles can do its job, and high-end tents are equipped with high-quality tent poles. In the tent design, the structure of the poles becomes more and more diverse. Therefore, for the account pole, there are not many points you need to consider. In addition to the material, there is also its single length, which affects its portability.