Canopy support aluminum pole

 News     |      2021-06-17 18:09
Canopy support aluminum pole is very good in terms of weight, toughness and pressure resistance. Commonly used in the market are 6061 T6, 7001-T6, and 7075 T6. Among them, 7001 aluminum alloy is the most used, because 7001 is the toughness and hardness of aluminum alloy. The combination is good, even if it is stressed, it will deform but will not break easily. Canopy support aluminum pole surface treatment: anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, etc.

7001 T6 Canopy support aluminum pole is one of the best materials currently available on the market. It is far superior to the common glass fiber pole material. It embodies better toughness and elasticity, and is easy to deform and break. Aluminum alloy materials are also mostly used for military-grade canopy, so under the condition of supporting and fixing, it has better resistance and load-bearing ability, and it can resist storm or blizzard weather.