Customized collapsible Aluminum Tent poles

 News     |      2020-10-23 16:58
The main use of the Customized collapsible Aluminum Tent poles is to support the tent clothes, wind and rain shelter.So the rod requires good toughness, high elasticity, should not be broken.This is where the distinction between good and bad comes in.
Generally, everyone will choose aluminum rod. Many people choose aluminum rod because they think aluminum rod is lighter than brazing rod. The actual weight of general aluminum rod and glass rod is about the same, and some are even heavier than brazing rod.But he has a most important weakness is the long-term repeated use, and use at low temperature is easy to crack, lose the original flexibility, and sometimes therefore break!

Customized collapsible Aluminum Tent poles is more kind is various, except brand, material, producing area still has the difference on thick fine specification, make clear very hard at that time!Aluminum rod quality in general is bad, but really good aluminium pole, general single piece of aluminum rod hands are not easy to bend, it is easy to bend, fine workmanship, the appearance of smooth, compact interface, painted light falls off not easily, have qualitative feeling, and in every section of the rod head with the words engraved with the brand, lightweight, high elasticity, general 4 meters long 8 mm aluminum rod can nest in a circle and constantly!And for a long time after several days of bending and release can rebound into a straight bar!Only such aluminum rod can reach the glass rod brace characteristic level.
In addition, the number of rods is also critical. Generally speaking, the more rods are more stable, the higher the wind resistance and snow collapse resistance. Therefore, 5 or more rods will be used to support alpine tents.And the average traveler in the choice of tent, at the same price, will choose only Customized collapsible Aluminum Tent poles, and give up the three carbon fiber pole plateau tent, but I do not know in the wind and support characteristics of the three carbon fiber pole plateau tent than the former 150 percent higher, this is a serious misunderstanding.