Intelligent aluminum climbing pole

 News     |      2022-03-24 18:35
With the development of science and technology, intelligent products gradually appear in our perspective. This article combines intelligent modules with trekking poles. Intelligent aluminum climbing pole is a product of the development of the climbing pole era. It provides climbers with convenient conditions for azimuth positioning on the basis of meeting the convenience and speed of climbers; in case of emergencies, it provides a time button for self-help; Intelligent aluminum climbing pole pole

The adjustment function of the intelligent aluminum climbing pole meets the needs of climbers of different heights; the heart rate detection function of the Intelligent aluminum climbing pole is the climber's little doctor, which can detect the climber's physical condition at any time.

(1) GPS positioning module
GPS was developed as early as the 1970s, and now GPS technology is very mature and has been applied to various fields. This Intelligent aluminum climbing pole mainly refers to the function of GPS tracking and positioning and alarming. Many people like to climb mountains where there are lush trees. Many times they cannot avoid getting lost. The GPS positioning module can help climbers identify the direction. It is often reported in the news that climbers accidentally fall off cliffs, go missing, etc. The police can use the GPS positioning module of trekking poles. Narrow the scope of search and rescue, find the missing climbers in a short time, and grab the best rescue time for them.
(2) SOS emergency search and rescue
The Intelligent aluminum climbing pole module is prepared for climbers who like to explore and suffer from sudden diseases. When they have emergencies that cannot be solved by themselves and need external force, they can press the SOS emergency call button to send out a distress signal. Get help. This module is also combined with the GPS positioning module, so that it is convenient for family members and the police to quickly confirm the location of the caller.
(3) Heart rate detection module
Intelligent aluminum climbing pole will consume a lot of physical strength when climbing, which will make the heart rate faster. Adding this module will monitor the change of the climber's heart rate in real time. body stress.