Striped multi-section telescopic aluminum tube

 News     |      2021-12-03 17:39
Striped multi-section telescopic aluminum tube has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight and corrosion resistance. .
Contains 3-8 pipes. The first section has a large diameter and the second section has a small diameter. It can be retracted into the first section of the pipe, and the third section is retracted into the second section of the pipe, so that the three-section telescopic rod can be stretched to the original contraction time. Three times the length, the telescopic rod has a locking structure, which can be locked at any length, and the locking degree can be adjusted by screws to ensure reliable locking.

The Striped multi-section telescopic aluminum tube has a sliding strip inside, which can lock the freedom of rotation of the tube along the axis. There are telescopic aluminum pole, telescopic circular tubes, and telescopic rectangular aluminum tubes. Mainly include: aluminum tubes for fishing gear, aluminum tubes for tents, aluminum tubes for cosmetics, mop rods, clothes rods, curtain rods, brush aluminum tubes, garland Aluminum tubes, thin-walled aluminum tubes, pure aluminum aluminum tubes, precision aluminum tubes, pen tubes, flower tubes, and various industrial aluminum tubes.

Striped multi-section telescopic aluminum tube
Diameter, wall thickness and shape can be customized according to customer requirements. For special specifications and special materials, please contact us.
Our company's surface treatment can do: anodizing, wire drawing, sandblasting, polishing, spraying, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer, etc.; aluminum colors are: gold, silver, silver gray, champagne, bronze, imitation stainless steel, red, Blue, black, etc. (If you need to customize special colors, please inquire).