What kind of tent pole is good

 News     |      2019-10-31 14:18
With the popularity of outdoor sports, tents have become necessary equipment for every household. For the convenience of carrying and construction, the existing aluminum tent poles are usually hollow poles. In order to ensure the strength of the tent support, the pole materials are usually light metal materials. The tent supports are not all straight, so it is usually connected by multiple short poles to build the tent supports, and it is convenient to carry them by dividing them into multiple short poles. Due to the fact that several short struts need to be connected with each other during the construction, the end of the strut needs to be fixed with connectors, which have different shapes. If metal parts are used, the processing cost will increase greatly. In order to reduce the cost and reduce the weight at the same time, the connectors generally use plastic parts, and the existing struts often use injection molding to inject the connectors to the end of the strut. Because the rod body is hollow, during the injection molding, the melted plastic will flow into the cavity of the rod body, which wastes the plastic material, so the aluminum alloy supporting rod is often used now.