adjustable aluminum ski trekking poles

 News     |      2020-05-22 17:31
Nowadays, the common adjustable aluminum ski trekking poles on the market is mainly made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.There are three kinds of common aluminum alloys. One is 6061 aluminum, which is the cheapest but has the worst performance.The second is 7075 aluminum, the aluminum alloy is the most solid, not easy to break;Third, 7001 aluminum, although it is not as strong as 7075 aluminum, but toughness, bending resistance.Carbon fiber alpenstock is generally lighter, stronger and more expensive than aluminum.But its material is not suitable to distinguish, easy to be over propagandize by the businessman.

adjustable aluminum ski poles

The common number of adjustable aluminum ski trekking poles is 3 and 4.Theoretically, the fewer the wands, the simpler the structure, and the more reliable the use.The storage length of 3 staffs is relatively long, so it is not easy to pack them into the bag.The storage length of the 4 staffs was short, but the body weight increased accordingly.
The handle material of adjustable aluminum ski trekking poles is generally divided into rubber, plastic, foaming material and cork.The handle made of rubber and plastic is heavy in weight and hard in hand. It is easy to slip after sweating, but it is strong and durable and relatively cheap.
The foaming material is light in weight, soft in feel and moderate in price. It can also maintain good friction force when sweating, but its durability is poor and it is easy to deform after long use.
The handle weight of cork material is light, frictional force is big, feel is good, use in winter also do not ice hand, but market price is higher also.
The handle shape of adjustable aluminum ski trekking poles can be divided into three kinds: straight handle, t-handle and curved handle.The straight handle, suitable for mountaineering, is the most common handle shape.When used, the staff should be at 90° with the elbow joint and the wrist joint parallel to the ground.
The t-handle walking stick is more suitable for flat walking.Its weight ratio straight handle and curved handle cane heavy, the shape is like a walking stick, so it is also commonly known as the "old man's rod".
The bent - handled walking stick is suitable for fast flat race walking, with the elbow joint at 45° when held.This kind of walking stick is rarely seen in China, which belongs to professional walking stick and is not recommended to be bought as an entry-level walking stick.