aluminum alloy tent poles

 News     |      2022-08-19 18:24
Mainstream tents use aluminum alloy tent poles, the most common is 7001T6 series 8.5mm aviation aluminum poles, which are lighter than ordinary aluminum materials, have greater strength and flexibility, and stronger wind load resistance, a set of 2 aluminum pole tents Can resist 7 to 8 strong winds. In actual use, aluminum tent poles are prone to collapse at the socket due to design defects, quality problems and improper use. This has become one of the main forms of outdoor equipment damage, especially in alpine and windy areas. In dangerous areas, once the rod and socket are damaged, it is difficult to repair, which will inevitably bring economic losses and danger to the user.

The outdoor use environment and damage form of aviation aluminum tent poles were investigated, and ANSYS was used to simulate and analyze the whole and socket of 7001T6 aluminum camping tent poles; 40mm rod, 2 20mm rods; the most reasonable socket design size is given: the outer diameter is 8.5mm, the wall thickness is 0.75mm, the rod core extends 40mm, and the wall thickness is 1.0mm.