aluminum anodized folding tent pole

 News     |      2020-09-04 18:23
How to make a aluminum anodized folding tent pole:
 There are 2 types of aluminum anodized folding tent pole
(1)  Poles with inserts -the insert is a tube (or sleeve) that are welded inside one hollow end of a tent pole section and protrudes appoximately 3".  This insert allows you to stack one section on top of another.
(2)  Poles without inserts-these are hollow poles (sections) with no inserts.


Pictured above are both types of  tent pole sections: the two sections on the left are sections with an insert. The last section on the right  is a section without an insert . Using the pole without an insert at the end gives you a hollow end on both the rightside and leftside of  the long pole to insert the tied-on endtips.  
Making aluminum anodized folding tent pole is very easy:
Step #1  Lay out your poles in order you want them. (cut them to the right length, if it is neccessary, using a hacksaw or even better a pipe cutter-quite inexpensive at Home Depot or Lowes or Harbor Freight, ect)
Step #2   Knot one of the endtips onto to one free end of the shock cord and push it  into one of the hollow ends of the pole sections.  Thread your shock cord through each pole section.
Step #3   On the other end tie the other endtip onto the shock cord.  The tension will vary but as a rule of thumb do not pull too much tension on the cord-if you do when you break down the poles they will want to instantly spring back into shape and they will be hard to pack away.  
How to shockcord aluminum anodized folding tent pole together without using end tips-(ie. ring and pin system):
For your ring and pin system the best way to shockcord the poles together is to tie the shockcord onto a small washer that is just slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the tent pole.  When the washer is pushed up into the pole the insert on the first pole will stop it from going past.  You can then feed the shockcord through the rest of the poles making sure to put one pole without an insert in the center or your chain of poles. On the opposite end of the pole sections you again tie another washer onto the  shockcord and let it go up inside the pole (note you will not be able to adjust the cord tension after this is done as the knot and washer will be way up inside the pole).  This method allows you to shockcord all of the poles together and have a hollow end on each end the pole sections to fit into your ring and pin at the bottom.  We have separate insert peices that will fit up into the poles. This will allow you to glue these extra inserts onto the hollow ends of the poles to give you more structural support in the pin.