aluminum extension tent pole

 News     |      2021-07-02 15:40
Product name: Aluminum telescopic tent pole
Surface treatment: lighting, surface, edge
Size: 7mm 8.5mm 11mm
Status: T6 T8 T7
Aluminum telescopic tent pole are not easy to break, light weight, strong and good.
It is lighter and lighter than fiberglass rod, has high elasticity and is not easy to break. Our company has experience in the production of high-elasticity, high-elasticity, and high-strength straws, which are used to make bars, ski poles, etc. Interested parties are welcome to call or write for consultation, and the colors of the collection poles are processed.
Aluminum telescopic tent pole are currently the best available on the market. The extra-long and extra-long glass fiber poles show better elasticity and elasticity, and are easy to deform and break. At the same time, the material extending upstream is also large It is used in most military grades, so under the condition of fixed support, it has good patience and load-bearing ability, and it can resist storms or blizzards.