aluminum tent pole frames

 News     |      2020-12-17 17:48
Our company is specialized in manufacturing and selling aluminum tent pole frames, which are made of 7075 6061 aluminum tent pole tubes and can be disassembled in many sections.
Aluminum tent pole frames: φ 32mm, customizable
Weight: the total weight of 4 sections is about 1.15kg, and multiple sections can be customized
Material: 6061 7075
Color: Silver / Black / golden yellow
Remarks: 1 set = 4 knots = 0.7m * 4 = 2.8m
Package: 10 sets = 1 box
Outer box size: 80 * 23.5 * 20cm gross weight: 11.7kg per box

Aluminum tent pole frames features: professional for large tents. The requirements of wind resistance are high. The ground nail and windbreak rope are 90 degrees, and the nail tip faces the tent, which bears the maximum tension.
How to use aluminum tent pole frames
After 4 sections are spliced, stand on the edge of the hall and fix them diagonally with the wind rope (to be purchased separately)