anodized aluminium telescoping tent poles

 News     |      2020-06-19 17:31
Generally, each section of anodized aluminium tent poles is 25cm to 45cm in length and 7mm to 12mm in diameter, with holes in the middle. The multi-section tent pole is connected into a set by elastic rope, and each section is connected by inserting and splice to form a long pole.Tent supports are mainly divided into aluminum alloy and glass fiber rods. Currently, tent supports on the market are mainly made of these two materials.

Fiberglass (FIBERglass) bracket

This kind of support is mostly used in low-grade tents, fiberglass and polymer resin polymer, light weight, high strength, good molding, there is a certain degree of bending, become the common materials of tent support.Curtain rod performance depends on the quality of a material and diameter of fiberglass itself, the greater the diameter, the higher the strength, of course, the greater the weight.Wind protection for FRP tents - level 5 to 6, 3 or more FRP tents with good support can withstand 6 to 7 or even 8 gusts.When exceed its ability to bear, glass fiber reinforced plastic bracket can break, the processing method on the spot is to use adhesive tape after wrapping (can be wrapped together with a thin wood to increase strength), after the need to replace the broken tent pole.

Aluminium alloy support

The most common  anodized aluminium telescoping tent poles is Korean aluminum rod, which USES T6 series aluminum.- Aluminum alloy rod is Eastont9. Through repeated study of aluminum alloy, easton produces 7000 series of aluminum, which is lighter than ordinary aluminum, and its strength and flexibility are greatly increased.Eurekak2 account for 7075 aluminum tube, Holiday, JWS, LD8082 are all Korean aluminum bars.The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the diameter of the material and tent pole, but also related to the number of tent pole, generally speaking, the more the tent pole, the better the wind performance.For example, tents with 2 sets of ordinary aluminum poles can withstand 7-8 strong winds.The windproof capacity of 3 sets of aluminum rods is about grade 9.Tents with 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in blizzard conditions around Level 11.(It is explained that the windproof performance of a tent is relative, and it is related to the support method, geographical environment, wind direction, snow cover, user's outdoor experience, etc., and the windproof level given here is only a reference value based on the daily use experience).Generally, aluminum rods are equipped with fracture joints, which can be used at the fracture site for direct repair.

Relatively, the quality of anodized aluminium telescoping tent poles is lighter, resilient, durable, and easy to repair. Aluminum stands are not easily affected even at low temperatures, but the price of aluminum stands is more expensive.