anodized aluminum poles

 News     |      2020-01-04 08:53
The anodized aluminum poles of Henan Chalco industry is two big pieces in the tent, the material is divided into several kinds mainly is glass braze pole, carbon braze dimensional pole and anodized aluminum pole, the high-end product still has titanium alloy pole, the main purpose of the pole is to support the tent clothes, wind and rain.So the bar requires good toughness, good elasticity, not to break.This is the main difference between good and bad.In these rods, we will generally choose anodized aluminum pole, but a lot of people choose anodized aluminum pole because considering that anodized aluminum pole will be lighter than the rod, the actual general anodized aluminum poleand glass rod weight is the same, some even heavier than the rod, and the actual supporting characteristics of glass rod is higher than ordinary anodized aluminum pole.But one of its most important weaknesses is that it can be used repeatedly over a long period of time, and when used at low temperatures, it can easily crack, lose its elasticity, and sometimes break.So glass drill tent pole will generally be distributed a section of anodized aluminum pole in case of spare.
Henan Chalco aluminum industry co., LTD. Aluminum rod widely used in transportation, ladders, scaffolding, engineering, gas cylinders, forging, welding structures.

aluminum tent pole