extendable aluminum pole

 News     |      2021-04-30 14:33
Extendable aluminum pole is used in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom windows, shower curtains, cafes, tea rooms and other places, when you don’t want to damage your home surface when you install it. Telescopic poles can be installed wherever you need them at any time. Balconies, kitchen windows, door frames, etc. can be easily installed and used at any time.

Extendable aluminum pole 6063 aluminum alloy, anodized aluminum alloy, very corrosion-resistant, strong, beautiful and clean, without rust spots
The extendable aluminum pole can be installed freely, without drilling holes in the wall, and install it wherever you need it. A powerful anti-rust spring is built in the telescopic curtain rod, and the size can be adjusted freely according to the needs. They are light and convenient, but they are widely used in life.