Custom telescoping aluminum tent poles

 News     |      2020-07-03 17:40
Custom telescoping aluminum tent poles selection of aluminum model.We often say that there are 7001, 7075 and 7178, because of the current domestic brands, only a few clearly indicate its curtain rod in the product data source and the specific information, aluminum model to distinguish, they do have the difference on the price, but does not mean they have a class in the high and low, because the model name is not used for classification, but said its different physical properties.

7001 generally emphasizes toughness!Due to the different contents of Cu, Mg and Zn, 7001 shows strong flexibility.In the case of damaged pegs, 7001 is often bent by pressure, but rarely breaks, especially in cold and high pressure conditions!It is now a high utilization of the Custom telescoping aluminum tent poles, due to its hardness, flexibility and advantages of the price, so that it has the most extensive range of use, and almost all the international brands we are familiar with most of the products used.We can also take a look at the world famous mountain bike brands by the way, the aluminum they use is basically 7001, why?Or toughness is good reason!And its main disadvantage is relative to 7075 hardness is not enough, overweight!
7075 or even 7178 aluminum is of higher rigidity and lighter weight per unit, so it is often seen in high-end Custom telescoping aluminum poles that require light weight.And its disadvantage is a higher price, two is not as flexible as 7001.