telescoping round aluminium tubing

 News     |      2021-03-18 16:11
Telescoping Round Aluminium Tubing produced by Henan Chalco mainly includes: Fishing Gear Tubing, Tent Tubing, Cosmetic Tubing, Mop Tubing, Clothing Tubing, Curtain Tubing, Fbrush Tubing, Thin Wall Tubing, pure Tubing, Precision Tubing, Pen Tubing, Flower Tubing, and various industrial Tubing.
Telescoping round Aluminium Tubing diameter, wall thickness and shape can be customized according to customer requirements. Please contact us for special specifications and materials.
Telescoping round Aluminium Tubing surface treatment can be done: anodizing, wire drawing, sandblasting, polishing, spraying, electrophoresis, wood print transfer, etc. Aluminum color: gold, silver white, silver gray, champagne, bronze, imitation stainless steel color, red, blue, black, etc. (if you need to customize the special color, please call).
Telescoping Round Aluminium Tubing alloy: 6063, No.6061, No.6005, No.1070, No.7075, No.7001. We are equipped with many aluminum extruding production lines and supporting aluminum processing equipment. We provide extruding, oxidizing and deep processing services for aluminum profiles.